A comparison of

Current IT Solutions

is a nice idea to assess the need
for a new opportunity

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    How much
    does it cost?

    Outsourcing requires a sizable capital investment whereas maintaining an IT employee, although less costly, requires numerous payables.

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    how efficient
    is it?

    Quality is often restricted by diversity in skill-level that is limited in an IT employee and in-house evaluation expertise in case of outsourcing.

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    will it be always available?

    An employee is physically available whenever you need him whereas outsourcing is severely constrained over communication efficiency.

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    Can it endure
    it all?

    The ability to scale any of the current solutions is severely constrained by cost and quality.

Although the current IT solutions seem to be well-adapted by large enterprises, they do not fair well when it comes to the constrained yet highly populated sector composed of Startups, and Small and Medium Sized Enterprises.

In a market where more than 90% of the
enterprises are small and medium sized, a

challenge is to find an
IT solution that is


less investment


more efficient


more available


more scalable

vir·tu·al·ize  [vur-choo-uh-lahyz] Virtualization is the abstraction of IT resources that masks the physical nature and boundaries of those resources from resource users.

Virtual Team

Virtual Team is an innovative solution that provides a team of highly skilled experts, although not physically on-site, work and act just like regular employees delivering information technology services when needed.

Virtual Team is an inclusive service that is a perfect blend of Cost, Time, Quality & Scalability so it could be an affordable and convenient IT solution for SMEs & Startups.

All Is Under One Roof

We at Virtual Team provide you with a diverse set of the most popular and advanced IT services, all under a single initiative, customized specifically for each client.

Timely Progress Updates

Virtual Team is true to your work; unlike others we do not keep our clients "in the dark" you can stay up-to-date on your work progress online conveniently.

Pay as You Go

Here at Virtual Team we charge our clients on "time" basis, so that they pay exactly for the estimated duration of their task.

Quality of Service

Client support and satisfaction are a necessity to us. At Virtual Team, we are available to provide you the best possible support as we are always ready to serve.

One Who Can Do All

Your team operates transparently under the guidance of your dedicated Virtual Assistant to ensure all your needs and requirements are met right to the final accepted form.