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Virtual Assistant

The Virtual Assistant fits perfectly into your business like a regular full-time employee. It is as if you got to recruit the most talented employee with a highly impressive skill-set covering eight of the most sought-after IT services at the expense of a single hire.

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Web Designer

Objective : "Draft Simple, Creative and Customizable Designs".
Skills : HTML5, CSS, JavaScript/JQuery, PHP, and Wordpress
Demand : Professional and responsive web design is critical for the success of any business in today’s Internet-driven Business World. Web Design can vary from static design of single page portfolios to more sophisticated multi-page designs.
Job Description : Creative in designing responsive and uniquely customized websites ensuring optimal content inclusion and organization. Also skilled in transforming your requirements into tangible designs through efficient software engineering practices.

I am a

Graphic Designer

Objective : "Inspire a Design that doesn't Need any Explanation".
Skills : Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, and Adobe InDesign.
Demand : In the current competitive market, where battle for clients intensifies day by day, a strong brand is an invaluable asset for a business. A brand is usually associated with the logo, name and other visual artifacts that consumers associate with a business and their products.
Job Description : Ingenious with providing visually aesthetic graphics using innovative techniques that conveys enterprise’s vision and intention to its target customers. Auxiliary expertise includes branding through design including signage, brochures, print, promotional and packaging.

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Application Developer

Objective : “ Develop Software Solutions with Quality Process Standards”.
Skills : Java, Microsoft Visual Studio, PHP, SQL, Python.
Demand : Applications used by a business not only from its critical IT foundation but also contributes to the success of the business. Building a software application involves research, new development methodologies, prototyping, modification, reusing components, re-engineering, maintenance and other activities that result in a software product.
Job Description : Proficient in the use of exceptional software engineering practices to provide functional, aesthetic and documented applications customized right down to the final accepted version. Target application domains include both for desktop systems and for web-based deployment.

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Mobile Apps Developer

Objective : “Drive Light, Responsive & User-friendly Mobile Apps”.
Skills : Apple iOS SDK, Windows Phone SDK and Android SDK.
Demand : Mobile Apps are a not only a magnificent and flexible platform to disseminate business information to the target customers, but also for corporate business applications. Mobile Application Development is known to be a term for developing applications (or apps) for small low-power handheld devices such as tablet PC's, Personal Digital Assistants, or smart phones.
Job Description : Spontaneous in the development of mobile apps for information distribution, interactive apps such as e-commerce, communication and blogging and corporate app development such as Mobile BI and project management.

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Network Specialist

Objective : “Get Enterprise’s Path Connected Fluently”.
Skills : Infrastructure Planning, Network Setup, Network Maintenance and System Security (Cisco-based Solutions).
Demand : Today’s IT infrastructure is composed of five major components: computer hardware, computer software, data management technology, networking and telecommunications technology. Three of the five components mentioned above constitute the hardware portion of an organization's infrastructure and needs careful planning, setup and maintenance to ensure disruption free operation of an enterprise.
Job Description : Expert in planning, setting up and maintaining enterprise’s IT infrastructure which is composed of computer hardware, networking and telecommunications technology. Expertise also includes risk management, disaster recovery recommendations and implementation, and safety and security solutions.

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Enterprise Expert

Objective : “Customize and Integrate Innovative Solutions within Enterprises”.
Skills : Microsoft Dynamics, Google Apps.
Demand : Businesses implementing Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software within their organization experience better alignment of business objectives with the latest technology, enhanced customer confidence and stakeholder commitment, and optimal utilization of resources and assets.
Job Description : Proficient in evaluating your business needs, budget, time constraints, and propose a suitable selection of enterprise-wide solutions covering information management from human resources to financial applications.

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Business & Content Analyst

Objective : “Forge Unique, Analyzed and Efficient Business Solutions".
Skills : Microsoft Sharepoint, Adobe Lifecycle and Google Apps.
Demand : Every business craves for an outcome that is more efficient, drives down costs and improves customer service. Business Process Management offers high potential for streamlining and enhancing the operation of core organizational processes.
Job Description : Clever & proficient in microscopically studying and analyzing how your business operates in order to provide you with a comprehensive and scalable solution. Expertise also includes aiding you in selecting powerful and appropriate content storage solutions based on your business requirements.

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IT Consultant

Objective : “To Aid in Building a Business of the Next Century”.
Skills : Oral and Written Communication, Interpersonal Skills, Technology-Driven.
Demand : The IT infrastructure environment in today’s world faces numerous challenges. Prominent challenges include integration of different technologies and escalating pressure to reduce cost. Hence, the need for a cost-effective, scalable and integrated IT infrastructure solution has become a primary step for any business to advance its goals through IT capabilities.
Job Description : Adept in offering professional IT consultation. Capable to accomplish a thorough assessment of any enterprise current infrastructure, informational assets and processes in context of business requirements. Expert to deliver an outcome is an actionable complete analysis with recommendations that consider the goals, objectives, and requirements of your business.

I am a


Objective : “Discover more opportunities to expertise that are needed to serve you”.
Skills : To Be Uncovered in 7 Nov 2013 !!
Demand : Strongly Needed for one's awareness..
Job Description : Two More Services will be revealed!